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was recovering from back surgery. >>> and in and out latest developments out of japan tonight. the u.s. said it could take weeks to bring the japanese nuclear complex under control. but there's no danger from leaking radiation to the western united states or specific territories right now. u.s. officials are defending their 50-mile evacuation zone for american troops and citizens in japan. the first evacuation flight of u.s. citizens left japan this afternoon. >>> a group of pastors in georgia are making a pretty big sacrifice for lent. the men are not just giving up red meat, they are eating easy to ship rice and protein based food. pastor nathaniel long has been appalled to what those give in a disaster. >> most of the time you collect foods for disasters and as a pastor, i'm appalled that folks are getting stuff that they don't want to eat. >> you start taking smaller and smaller bites trying to make it last longer. a cup and a half doesn't look like much, but it fills you up. >> pastors have been on this for five days. the real goal is to help others. the men want to spread awareness a
that are coming in from people in japan and also in the u.s. the u.s. may be sending in a special nuclear team made up of hundreds of nuclear military and civilians trained specifically for nuclear emergencies. then we take you to north carolina where there is a business owner pitching in to help. troy jones is his name. he is the founder of a business. the company sells potassium iodide pills. that can protect against certain types of cancers caused by radiation. the online company has donated 50,000 of its pills to a hospital in tokyo. >>> and a japanese nuclear meltdown has americans asking, are u.s. nuclear power plants safe? so does the u.s. nuclear industries. they want to know. they say they are safe. >> we will make sure that the reactors in this country which are already safe can't be worse. >> the obama administration has a plan to build new nuclear plants. with japan facing three nuclear meltdowns, that will likely see the scrutiny on the hill unlike the u.s. germany all reconsidering its entire nuclear program right now. now we want to take a look at new video out of japan. it's sh
forces. >> reporter: the white house officials say that the u.s. expects to transfer the control to the u.s. commander to another coalition leader coming up. >>> and now, let's get caught up from japan. workers are struggling to bring the nuclear plant under control. the u.s. commission said they may be getting closer. jamie costello has the latest. >> reporter: crews from the plant continue to work to restore electricity to the cooling system. >> reporter: it appears that japan caught a break earlier today. >> the source of the smoke is unknown. there's no increase in temperature and radioactivity. >> reporter: there's progress. high voltage power is reconnected making it possible to restart the cooling system. the job of preventing another meltdown is far from over. >> it continues to be very serious. >> reporter: more than 13,000 are reported missing since the earthquake and tsunami 11 days ago. this man discovered the body of his wife. >> at least the body is found. >> reporter: he's still looking for his spouse. she believes her husband is safe somewhere, but she's afraid he could be s
low levels of radiation were detected on a u.s. navy ship more than 200 miles south of the nuclear facility. this as search and rescue continues in earnest, trapped four days this man rescued, one of the hardest hit areas. another team freed a 70-year-old woman found in her home, washed away by the tsunami. rare stories of success amid reports the official death toll topped 3,000. another scary moment earlier today, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit. we'll be monitoring the situation. diane sawyer will be live at 6:30 on "world news tonight." >>> while the situation is critical in japan experts say there are things that can be done to minimize exposure. as authorities scramble to contain reactor damage experts say science has seven ways now to treat exposure. abc's dr. richard besser talks about some possible treatment. >> reporter: eyeo dine is a very important prevention measure for radiation exposure. the reason is your thyroid gland uses iodine to make thyroid hormone, regulates a lot of functions. one of the radioactive elements released early from a plant is radioactive iodine.
. the u.s. is sending help as generators provided back up to the cooling system. >>> now, we understand that the radiation levels may have surged. there are thousands of americans in japan and up until now, they've seen no reason to evacuate them. abc news, reporting, now, back to you. [loud siren] >>> a reporter resort -- a reporter recorded the alarms going off in hawaii. warnings were issued for 20 countries and including the u.s. west coast. >>> our coverage of the earthquake in japan continues tonight. waves continue to hit hawaii and the west coast. here's the latest. >> reporter: the tsunami warnings are issued for the pacific including the west coast of the united states and the hawaiian islands. >> i don't think this is going to be something that has huge effects here in terms of wiping out the coast. it certainly is quite a danger. >> reporter: in hawaii, residents wasted no time on getting in line to fill up on gas. sirens wailed, warning of the coming waves. >> we heard about the watches and we're trying to get gas. we want to be safer than sorry. >> reporter: by 3:00 a.m.,
in the u.s. history happened in pennsylvania. the core of the three mile island nuclear plant, 10 miles south of harrisburg had a partial meltdown. when the crisis ended five days later relatively small amounts of radiation escaped from the plant. there was no immediate threat but the accident had a huge impact on the nuclear industry leading to more stringent standards. the accident is marked by a vigil each year and this year, as you would imagine, dedicated to the victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. >>> as we continue to watch what is happening in japan the nuclear regulatory commission says harmful levels of radiation are expected to reach us. the environmental protection agency has a very interesting web site set up which monitors the air, food and water samples. now we have an air monitor system in the baltimore area, also one in dc. and one in dover, delaware. the monitors that were checked yesterday detected levels far below any need for concern but if you want to check the levels for yourself, head to our web site,, we'll link to you the environmental protec
. we'll have more on the state of cancer in the u.s.. >>> plan b could be used as a plan a. the morning after pill could be taken the morning of. >> more americans are living with cancer than before. according to a new study by the national cancer institute. one out of 20 americans is now a cancer surviver. timothy johnson has more. >> reporter: using data compiled by other studies, the estimated number of cancer survivers in the u.s. increased from 10 million in 2001 to almost 12 million in 2007. women have a highier rate of survival than men. almost 2/3 of cancer survivers had been living with the disease five years or more. the most common cancers diagnosed were breast, prostate cancer and colon cancer. >>> researchers site several reasons for the increased cancer survival rates including advancements in screening and earlier detection, plus u.s. population. if the trends continue, the number of cancer survivers is expected to climb highier. >>> plan b could be a plan a. new research shows the morning after pill could be used to prevent pregnancy. the women who take the pill at the t
ledge agreed to give information on her kidnapping and murder as part of that plea deal. >>> u.s. department of education has fined virginia tech $55,000 for waiting too long to alert students during the 2007 shooting rampage. the amount was the maximum fine for two violations of the federal act that requires the timely reporting of crimes on campus. the department found virginia tech violated the law when officials waited two hours to notify the campus after a gunman shot two students in a dorm. he killed 30 others two hours later just after the alert went out. the university plans to appeal the decision. >>> the supervisor of 13 city employees facing gambling charges has been suspended. le the workers are accused of drinking and shooting dice during work hours. authorities busted up a pay day gambling game last week after someone alerted the city inspector. the supervisor not there was suspended without pay. the workers face misdemeanor gambling charges, also suspended without pay. one worker is charged with assaulting one of the investigators. >>> the senate is working on the
, she wanted to draw attention to other issues. >>> well, the u.s. supreme court reaffirms the right to a free speech. we're live with more on the victory for the controversial west burro baptist church. >> reporter: well, the protests outside of funerals -- where they say that military deaths are god's response to acceptance of gays. the supreme court ruled 8-1 that the first amendment protects the first amendment by the church. they tossed out a $5 million judgment to the father of a marine. snider died in a humvee accident in 2006. a week later, publicity seeking church members stood outside of his funeral waiving science, saying god hates america. tonight, a reaction from the member of the church. >> soldiers are tieing for the sins of the nation. you have to put away your sins and mourn for your since. shutting us up wouldn't change that. >> now, they're going to quadruple the next military protest. you've sounded off all day long. here's what some are saying. the decision sungs -- sucks, dan says. >> melissa writes, i agree with freedom of speech, but there should be sensitivit
up. the u.s. won't deploy ground troops. the only goal is to protect civilians. france says it's making plans to deploy planes into the region. >>> police officers in frederick are looking for a robber. jeff hager has more. >> reporter: well, when the unidentified store manager entered the store after 5:00 this morning, someone followed her inside. a coworker and a delivery man found her suffering from a gunshot wound. they performed cpr and the efforts to save her life were invain. >> we're not releasing how many rounds were fired. at least one wound and she was pronounced dead on the scene. >> reporter: at this point, the police don't know if the killer is in the area. if you saw anything that may help the police, call them. that is -- >>> tonight, the police are trying to track down an arsonist. firefighters responded to a 911 call at an apartment call where someone set fire in the hallway of a building. thick black smoke filled the units. >> i was leaking -- leaning out the window. i was getting ready to -- jump. the smoke was so bad. >> the same arsonist may have set other
stopped. fda is blocking all martin luther king, jr. products fruits and vegetables coming into the u. s. from japan not even sending them through the radiation screening process. >>> a christian church in japan is pitching in to help a member of the grace baptist church. this is video from that church. boxes of food and other supplies are headed to the hard hit area around sendai. total damage from the disaster is expected to reach over $300 billion. that would make it the costliest disaster in japan since the end of wwii. >>> the crisis in japan has brought out the scam artists out of the woodwork. they try to get to you with fake charities fake videos and now they are apparently sending out fake medicine too. >> reporter: over the last 2 weeks we've warned you about all these tsunami related scams these conartists come up with something new and this time the scheme is a bit hard to swail- 0 they are trying to stir up some panic and get you to buy something you don't need. you've heard about the rush on potassium iodide pills and drops which can prevent thyroid cancer. public health
of baltimore has lost its federal funding for lead paint removal programs. u.s. department of housing and urban development says the city will continue the high-risk grantee ineligible for more funds. this comes after the city health department did not fix up enough homes after the latest $4 million grant. it is called a devastating blow to a program once considered a gold standard. >>> on the weather front plenty of sunshine out there. you had to like that. temperature wise cooler than yesterday. but an improvement weather wise on the whole. no rain and not much wind. look at maryland's radar. five sweeps scanning the sky. spotting nothing. we don't expect to see much for the next several days. look at the east coast of the united states right now. there is just no weather around. quiet on the range. we'll take that after what has been a very active season out there. our visibility satellite is all cleared. as we take you down into the temperatures. 48 inner harbor. 46 d.c. rest of the evening will drop in the 40s getting colder overnight. we talking about -- we'll talk about how things look
month. >>> airfares at major u.s. airlines are climbing again. this is the 6th hike this year. this time, it's to cover the highier jet fuel prices. leisure traveler and corporate flyers may have to stay home. none of the low fair airlines have raised prices yet, they say. >>> good news for retailers. they had strong sales last month. however, there are concerns that rising gas, food and clothing pricing will reverse the trend in the coming months. >>> a community in michigan is grieving after the death of a star basketball player. coming up, what happened to the 16-year-old who made a game winning layup to cap the team's perfect season. >>> and a warning about children's jewelry. we'll have the results coming up. >>> plus, it's not is the pat -- it's not st. patrick's day, but it's st. baldwin's day. if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. it keeps the costs down. [ male announcer ] starting march 13th, southwest airlines has added new nonstop flights out of bwi airport. it means more time doing the thing
's chargeed with wire fraud now. the u.s. attorney's office says that he and others would lure people into long term leases for cars. the contracts for the rentalling a sis were short term. they had to return the cars later. now, he and another face 20 years in federal prison. the investigation isn't over. the secret service is involved an there could be more people duked in the scheme. if you're a victim, contact the secret service locally. we'll have more on the story, taking a look back at his past tonight at 11:00. joce sterman, abc2 news. >>> remember, is your place to protect yourself against a scam. go to and click on scam alert and get the information you need. >>> a man is in police custody after a barricade incident ended peacefully. the officers surrounded the home and the man who was armed was holding a woman inside. the police put a nearby school on lock down and shut down streets in the area. fortunately, no one was injured. >>> tonight, the police need your help to find four suspects accused of beating up a man after an accident. take a good lo
, landing in the friendly rebel town in libya. they are back in the u.s. tonight. meanwhile president obama says only pro-democracy rebels in libya can win the struggle. >> democracy can't be imposed from the outside. it must spring from the hearts and souls of those who seek it. >> in washington there's a growing chorus of criticism of the president using his policy from the left and right. conservative republicans say he lacks policy and liberal democrats say he needs to consult congress before launching major military operations. >>> to catch up with the latest from japan. officials continue to struggle to control the damaged nuclear plants. jamie costello has more. >> reporter: a reminder, go to and we have our earthquake and tsunami japan page set up for you. we have how you can donate to the american red cross, some of the headlines, but here, the tweets, you can't keep your eyes off it. it just passed over, they are in search of, in japan, 300 interpreters, looking for 300 interpreters, and there's a shortage of medicine for the elderly in japan. the key containment of t
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